Providing High Quality Hot Dip Galvanized Coatings Since 1967


At San Diego Galvanizing, we use the hot dip galvanizing process. Our dip tanks are sized to accommodate anything from small brackets to common stock material lengths and most fabricated steel structures.

CHEMICAL CLEANINGHot dip galvanizing

A proper chemical cleaning is vital to achieving high quality galvanizing results. We use a hot caustic degreasing bath, hydrochloric acid cleaning baths, and a hot Preflux dip before final coating. Our chemical baths are 32 feet in length, so we can clean even large items thoroughly.



HOT DIP GALVANIZINGgalvanizing zinc bath

Our zinc dip tank is filled with 840-degree molten zinc metal, and measures 21 feet long x 4 feet wide and is 5 feet deep. We can, however, dip items much larger than our tank by using multiple dips.  Please contact us with any questions on special and over-sized items.

We use only Special High Grade zinc, the purest grade of zinc available. This ensures both top notch quality and environmental friendliness.


As a galvanizing facility, we handle a lot of steel.  With forklifts and high capacity overhead cranes, chances are that if you can build it, we can lift it, dip it, and get it back to you safe and sound.

Contact us today, and let us show you how we have been satisfying customers for nearly 50 years!