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It’s your steel.  You bought it or built it.  You want it to last, perhaps for the rest of your life.  There is one coating that rises above the rest in protecting your steel from corrosion.  Hot Dip Galvanizing.  We would love to hot dip galvanize your next steel project to keep it rust free and maintenance free for generations.



Chemical cleaning baths are an integral part of the hot dip galvanizing process; and are also available to clean your next project of rust, mill scale, or other contaminants.  A combination “picking & oiling” service can be provided as well for piping or other items requiring such preservation.



We now manufacture the original Galva-Guard, the best lead-free, high zinc galvanizing repair solder available.  Galva-Guard was developed in response to a growing need to have a long lasting repair product for galvanized coatings that is also free from lead.  Research was funded by various worldwide organizations, as development of such a product proved to be very difficult.  The result was Galva-Guard™.  Not only was it lead-free and long lasting, but also it was the first such lead free solder to actually work well.  Galva-Guard™ continues to prove itself easy to use in galvanizing plants, fabrication shops, and field applications.



We are proud to carry an all new paint product that is used to mask off areas that you do not want to be galvanized. This product is much easier to work with than competing products, and gives the best results we have seen. Use this product to prevent galvanizing where you will make field weld connections, and save the time and expense of grinding off the galvanizing!



If your steel is already primed, painted or otherwise top coated, or if you simply want a thicker galvanized coating, we provide subcontracted sandblasting services.  In these cases, sandblasting is used to adequately prepare your steel to ensure a successful galvanized coating.  You can bring your job to us and let us handle it all for you, from start to finish.



We now offer pick-up and delivery service for your convenience.  Our 20-foot flatbed can quickly and easily move your steel between your shop and ours, or deliver directly to a job-site once the galvanizing is done.  Should you have a load too large for our truck, we also subcontract with an independent flatbed trucker.  Within the city, county or state, and from pallets to full truckloads, we can move it for you and let you use your time and employees more efficiently. Contact us for a freight quote today!

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