Providing High Quality Hot Dip Galvanized Coatings Since 1967


San Diego Galvanizing

Founded in 1967, San Diego Galvanizing, Inc. has a long tradition of providing its customers with the best in both quality and personalized customer service. A business doesn’t last for nearly 50 years without putting you, the customer, first. We are a second-generation small business that understands the needs of the construction industry to not only have it done fast, but to have it done right. With current management having grown up in the business, and current key positions filled by 30-year employees, you can rest assured that we are very strong in the technical aspects of our industry. Your project will be galvanized in full compliance with ASTM A-123 standards.


We believe in a partners approach to both managing the business and working with our customers. We see your project as “our” project, and we want to see every job result in a successful installation.

AGA - galvanizingAmerican Galvanizers Association

We are a proud member of the American Galvanizers Association, and have been for decades. We support the Association’s educational efforts and contribute to its technical advancements.


Our coating and our facility are free of lead, nickel, and chromates, which are common in the industry and bad for the environment.  Our galvanizing also complies with current green LEED building standards.  Furthermore, a hot dip galvanized coating is unsurpassed in both durability and longevity.  This means that your steel will need less maintenance and will require less frequent replacement. Buy ED Meds Online in San Diego  We also recycle everything possible from our operations, from simple batteries to complex acids and zinc residues.  Add to this that we now manufacture an environmentally friendly, lead-free zinc repair solder, Galva-Guard, and you will see that San Diego Galvanizing, Inc. cares about the environment.


We know that if you chose to work with us, we will not only earn your business, but your trust as well.